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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

Psychological evaluations consist of a battery of standardized psychological tests, interviews, third party background information, and reviews of records. This provides a psychologist with information about a person’s level of functioning. Diakonos offers psychological assessments which evaluate intellectual, academic, learning difficulties, neuropsychological, behavioral, emotional, and social issues.

Intellectual and academic testing looks at a person’s potential to understand and apply new information. This aids in understanding what a person is capable of cognitively and whether there are any learning issues. Testing provides insight into any learning disorders, ADHD, or emotional problems which are contributing to difficulties in school performance.

Emotional and personality testing measure how the person is functioning on an emotional level. The battery of tests Diakonos uses look at all issues across the mental health spectrum. For example, you may have an individual who is presenting with oppositional or angry behavior. The testing can aid in understanding which emotional factors are leading to these kinds of behaviors. Often people who are acting out with oppositional behaviors are actually depressed and are acting out because they do not understand why they are feeling bad. Personality testing can also give information into how the individual relates to others, how they view the world, and what general expectations they may have of the world.

Diakonos believes the true value of psychological testing is to provide a tool for aiding with developing a treatment plan. Testing will provide diagnoses in order to fully understand the needs of the person, as well as an understanding of their internal process which is not typically apparent on the outside. A full assessment can help the treatment team understand the level of care an individual needs in order to move the process along faster.


Psychological Testing Rates:

Our standard rate for Psychological Testing is $150.00 per hour.  Testing hours include: administration time, scoring of materials, interpretation of findings, and integration of results into a written report.   The number of testing hours per evaluation varies greatly depending on the presenting concerns and specific tests needed to assess these concerns.  Generally, a full battery takes about 8 - 10 hours to complete.   There are many tests that may take 3 or 4 hours.   Call today to speak with an examiner to see what tests would be needed for your individual concerns.  Full payment is due at the time of testing.  Diakonos does NOT bill insurance for testing.  We will give you all the information for you to bill insurance yourself if you wish.


Psychological Testing Insurance Reimbursement

Diakonos is an "out-of-network" provider with all insurance companies except Medicare, Medicaid and TriCare.  If you have a "PPO" insurance policy, a portion of your testing may be covered.  Diakonos will give you all the necessary forms for you to submit the testing claim to your insurance.

Psychological Testing Categories

A full battery of psychological testing can be used to determine difficulties in the following areas:

 ADHD  Learning Disorders  Depression
 Anxiety  PTSD  Bipolar Disorder
 Oppositional Defiant Disorder  Obsessive - Compulsive Disorder  Asperger's Disorder
 Nonverbal Learning Disorder  Thought Disorders  Substance Abuse
 Dependence  Anger Issues  Personality Disorder
 Social Issues  Violence Risk Assessment  Manipulative Behaviors
 Executive Functioning  Academic Skills  Language Processing
 Adjustment Disorders  Mental Retardation  Panic Disorders
 Phobic Disorders  Impulse Control  


Psychological Testing FAQ's

What are the benefits of testing?
How long does the assessment take?
What is involved in a psychological evaluation?
When will I get my results?
What does a diagnosis really mean?
May I see the raw data?


What are the benefits of testing ?

Psychological testing is generally most helpful in determining the factors which have hindered emotional, academic, behavioral, vocational, and social functioning. It is helpful for determining any cognitive difficulties or impairments, as well as developmental delays. Psychological testing is also an excellent tool for aiding with the development of a treatment plan and determining what type of treatment would work best for an individual.

How long does the assessment take ?
This largely depends on the tests being administered and the goal(s) of the testing. Generally, a full battery of tests can take up to 8-10 hours.

What is involved in a psychological evaluation ?
Because a psychological assessment is designed to determine functioning in a range of areas, it is important to take a thorough medical, developmental, and academic achievement history. Prior testing will likely be requested if available. The examiner will also connect with the professional working with the client to gain further information. Psychological tests are primarily paper and pencil tests which often consistent mainly of True/False questions. Intellectual testing is usually administered with the examiner. The examiner may ask the patient to answer questions, solve different types of problems, learn new information, etc. No physically invasive procedures are ever involved.

When will I get my results ?
A full written report is completed about 2 weeks after all of the information has been gathered. The examiner will be available to discuss any questions, as well as treatment recommendations afterward. Reports are written in language which minimizes psychological jargon and are generally easy to understand.

What does a diagnosis really mean ?

A report by the examiner will provide the diagnoses for which a person meets criteria. A diagnosis is a description of a cluster of symptoms. The majority of diagnoses listed in the DSM-IV-TR are considered to be "treatable," and do not mean a person is stuck with a certain label for the rest of their lives. A diagnosis is helpful in aiding mental health professionals to understand what difficulties a client is experiencing and helps with directing treatment.

May I see the raw data ?
Psychological test materials are copyrighted and protected by the publisher to preserve the integrity of the measures and to ensure the validity and utility of their administration. Only professionals who are specifically trained to administer these tests and properly interpret results are permitted access to raw data and test materials.

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